Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Catch Up!

I guess I have a lot to catch up on. I have been off of this for a bit now. I kind of just got into a funck and didn't really feel it. So where to begin...
Running has been going ok for the most part. My mileage is not up there but I almost feel fine about that cause it seems the more I try to run the more of a chance my knee will start hurting again. At least thats what the pattern seems to be. So I have been taking it easy focusing a little more on the long runs. For the past few weeks I have been tryingto run a 20 miler. It hasnt happened yet, maybe this week. I am running out of weeks to try. The first week I only made it to 14 ish. I was running dehydrated and felt absolutely horrible and I couldn't go any further. The second week I tried and I got to 18 and couldn't do any more ( I was running on the tredmill for that one )Running on the tredmill is so boring and hard to do really. And then this week I tried to knock out some but the weather wasn't cooperating and I hate running in thunderstorms so I had the hubby pick me up early.
The plan now for the next couple of days is try to do a 20 , if not than at least a 16. I only have 4 weeks left ( a little less now) and I start tapering in a couple although for me tapering is more like cutting down on just the mileage on the weekends.
Other than the long runs on the weekend, I have still been running everyother day or so 3-6 miles. I ran 6 miles on my birthday at the gym. I am still going to the Y to cross train, and go in the pool etc.
I have also still been trying to get together with this women that was looking for a partner but it hasn't worked out yet, still have some time to try though.
I also found out this week that 2 of my fellow running friends will not be coming to the Marathon due to injuries that have not healed yet. I am sadened by this but only wish the best for them and hope for a speedy recovery.
Some BRA shirts will be ordered soon which I am looking forward to. I might even wear it for the marathon we will see. I think that is about it for now.
I think the biggest thing going on right now is that I feel like I have slacked on the running due to lack of motivation and running partners and life in general. That in turn makes me nervous about finishing the marathon without a whole lot of trouble. I know I will finish but it may not be pretty towards the end.LOL
Alright thats it for now....maybe I will be back in a few days!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mind numbing

What is mind numbing do you ask? ........of course there is only one (ok 2 ) things that I can think of that cause this kind of reaction in a runner. The one I am talking about is the TREDMILL! Running, and running, and running on end with nothing to watch or look at except a white wall, the numbers and timers on the tredmill, the reflection off of an object. How boring! Thats was me yesterday.I ran 5 miles on the tredmill at about 9:40. The tredmill is in my garage and faces inside. It faces inside because Ian has a tv set up to play his video games or play guitar hero. There is no cable , no dvd, no vhs to watch. So I stared at the wall, I stared through the tv at the road and driveway in back of me, I did everything I could just to not look at the times and numbers. When I do....or catch a glimpse they are going sooooooooo sloooooooooowwwwww.
I ran the 5 miles and I was so glad to get off afterwards.
I am going to the gym today to maybe swim, bike, etc.
On another note I came in contact with someone that is looking for a running partner over in Mobile. I think we may get together and run this weekend. I hope she is nice and I hope I dont slow her down too much. She says she runs about 9 min miles (not sure if that is for her longs runs) and that she also just did a marathon 2 weekends ago and has a few more scheduled before the end of the year. So it sounds like she runs a lot and may be faster. We will see.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The 15th

Well I haven't had JM seek out a post from yours truly, however IH mentioned it to me. Guess its time for another one. Good ,cause I had an emotional filled night last night and need to vent!
How's the running going you ask. It's good! The weekend that just passed I tried to run my first ever 20 miler. It did not go well. It was extremely rough. My fellow runners say those are the affects of running dehydrated. Guess those beers and cokes aren't good to drink the day before a longrun like that! HAHA! I only ended up running 14 miles. I am going to try again this week for sure.
I have been hitting the gym, working on my times (a little), etc. My knee has been great! Jinx!I think we only have like 6 weeks left. Its getting down to the wire. I will run later today and try and hit the gym. I definitly need the release today.
Side note :My doc lowered my meds, but don't think that is a good idea right now. I feel like crying all the time and its only been what like 3 days of the meds! I need to go lay down...stay tune for a better blog...lol

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Speed work

I haven't tried to do any speed work since I moved here to Alabama. Mainly because of yet again the knee. The doctors say not to run hills or do speed work when trying to get rid of aches and pains. However since I have been feeling better and I haven't done any I thought I would give it a go! Last night I got on the tredill and I did 4 x800's at 4:30 with a recovery lap in between. it was good. I probably could have done another 4 but don't want to push it too fast. I only have about 6 weeks or so left...so I have to stay injury free. I also wanted to do it because i feel like i need to be a little faster to attain the goal for the MCM. In case you don't remember it is 4:30...realistically I think it will be more like 4:45 or 5:00. I really don't want the later!
Anyways..I am going to do some more working out today , get on the foam roller shortly and roll myself out LOl! I may also run a few miles today as well
I finally bought a light for running in the mornings. Thank god. I have to do 20 this week and alone at that so I need all the help I can get.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Update for a week

Wow gosh, I haven't updated in over a week. I have been super busy this week so that explains it. This past weekend I got to go to Florida. I had a blast. I got to see a lot of people I have been missing, and some people I didn't get to see. I got to run with the group on sat, and I got to go out with friends and not bring the kids.
So a few weeks ago it was a week of firsts. Well this past saturday was another day of firsts. I ran 18 miles with my group. The longest so far in my life. Before that it was 14. I finished in about 3:20 or so not exactly sure and the last 4 miles was rough and I barely wanted to keep running. I did stop for about 3/4 of a mile at different times. But all in all I am proud of myself! We have about 6 weeks or so left before the MCM and I am getting so excited about it.
I am going to go to the gym today and workout and then later run a little bit and then maybe even go in the pool.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Oh what a feeling...

I am dancing on the ceiling...not to that extreme, but I feel so good right now. I went for a run tonight and it felt so good!I haven't run since Thursday and then I had the blisters and the shoes weren't right and all that. Tonight I ran in my old shoes (cause I still don't have my new ones) and it was effortlesstonight. Granted I didn't care what my times were, I was just out there to run and have a good time doing it. I was very relaxed and at times felt like I didn't even need to breathe through my mouth which tells me something. I definilty could have went faster but I was in it tonight for the sheer pleasure of the run! Ran the 5 miles in 55 mins. Thats ok really, I could have done another 5 easily.
I am heading out for a run tomorrow evening as well and then on Saturday morning with the group. I think I may have even gotten Ian to at least run a mile tomorrow, but we will see.
I went to the pool today but didn't get to workout (lifting weights) definitly tomorrow I will try.
Thought about Four Green Fields tonight and who went and ran, who just had some drinks etc.
Have a great night everyone!