Monday, July 27, 2009

Which week are we in???

Good Morning! I think we are in the start of week 5?? I could be wrong, but I don't have my calender in front of me to verify. Well lets see... I did my long run yesterday. I ran 10 miles in the blazing hot sun and got a sunburn. Which actually hurts a little bit. Yes I did get up too late again and ran when I shouldn't have..but I still got up and ran!
So last week was a 22 mile week, its up to 24 this week. I am getting there slowly, but before you know it the marathon will be right on my heels.
I was thinking yesterday when i was running about how I hope I will be ready by then for this race. 26.2 Miles is a LONG run! I need to stay below 14 min miles for 20 miles so I don't get picked up by the stragler bus,as they say. I hope by then 20 miles will not be such a long difficult feat. Getback to me in a few weeks when I am up to 14-15 miles for my long run...hahaha
The family has decided to go to North Carolina this week. I am looking forward to visitng some friends and family but I hope I still keep up the running...I have to...but I do plan on running today and tuesday to get a couple days out of the way. I will have to do my long run on Sat cause Sun we are heading home from there.
I dont have much else to say...I know so boring ....will write more later..TTFN

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Hi it is I again! Today is Wednesday and I just ran 2 miles. Yesterday was my day off for the week and today I wasn't feeling it but I have to say my husband did push me a little to go and it was good to get out and do it. I only ran 2 miles because I have to make sure that my total mileage forthe week doesn't go over 22. I have 2 more days before the long run of 10 so I need to watch it. I like to run a min of 3 miles at a time but the area is more condusive for a still have some kinks to work out.
I finally printed out a new and updated mileage schedule! Who hoooo! Ok well Imust head out. See u soon!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

First Long Run Day

Oh my gosh! Thats all I can say right now. I woke up early this morning (and by early I mean 7:30) to go for my first long run in a bout 2 1/2 months. I told myself last night that in order for me to succeed in my first marathon I DO need to get my long runs in. No matter how much I don't want to get up in the morning...I have to, I have to, I have to. So I did...It took me some time to actually wake. I was starving...I proceeded to have me some cereal, just a little to curb the hunger and I had a cup of coffee to try and wake myself. It really didn't work. I got dressed, put on my fancy new water belt that I bought yesterday and out the door I went.
Like i have said before that first mile is always the worst. Today the first 2 felt horrible. I was so tired , my legs seemed to be sleeping still. I concentrated on just getting in the eight miles I had planned. I wasn't running for a time. I am supossed to be at a 10:30 mile for a long run but I wasn't there today. I was between 10:30 and 11:30. When I hit that 3-5 mile mark I was closer to 10:30 and by the time 6-9 came around I was back to the 11-11:15 ish mark. That is fine for me. I have to allow myself some flexibility but at the same time keep in mind that in order to finish that marathon in the time hoping that I do need to try and pick it up a little. I have to take in to account as well the hills. I keep forgetting that I have hills the whole entire way..up and down..whichslows my time down a bit. After all this has been said and done..I ran 9 miles this morning!
GO ME! I finished with a time of 1:41:14. I did take some water breaks so add a couple minutes into that but I still did ok.
I wouls also like to mention as a side note that I miss my BRA friends..I know I keep saying it but today I was also reminded about one of them BOB as we like to call her! My plan for the MCM is to try an keep up with her. She is about the same pace as me but doesn't have all the knee problems like me and has already ran 2 marathons before. She is no stranger to the grueling 26.2 miles! SOthinking about BOB helps to me to accomplish these long runs ...I don't want to let her or myself down! :)
My totals now for week 3 is 20 miles!!! (11 short runs and 1-9 mile long run)
Heres to the start of week 4!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Still in week 3

I wanted to write andupdate my blog. This week I ran on Tues and Wed. Tues sucked because by the time I got out it was like 9:30 at night. So I decided to run around the neighborhood to stay close to home. I brought a flashlight with meand the total distance in a circle around the neighborhood is exactly one mile. As I ran up the first hill I noticed a man of course kept an eye on him. As I kept running he was still there walking back and forth, I said hi to acknowledge he was there but recieved nothing back. By the third time around the flashlight had died and the street lights were turning off. I decided to cut the run because it was very dark and 2 because I am running alone in the dark. I need to getmyself some mace just in case! Maybe I will feel a little safer. So needless to say I wanted to run 4 miles and I only got in 2.8 miles.
Wednesday I went for a run. It was sprinkling out but no thunder or lightening so I left the house and ran. By the time I got 1 mile and a half into it I see lightning! Urgh!!!! I don't like to be out in that. So I ran to the nearest building which was in a park type place and waited for like 15 mins. It finally started to stop and I started my run again. I finished my 4 miles pluse some to make up for the day before. So a total of 7 or so miles for the 2 days.
I really hate the fact that it is hot out. I would love to go run when Ian gets home from work but its too damn hot! So i have to wait which usually means storms, then the darkness hits. Thenext thing we are working on is getting and a/c unit for the garage so I can run ont he treadill and that is an anytime thing, which is a plus. The other thing that I may start to do is runn in the morning before ian goes to work. I watched the sun rise this morning and it was light out at about 5:45 so if I were to get up and go run then I would have about 45mins to get in a run. But can I get myself up that early. I am NOT a MORNING person! I barely sleep at night as it is so usually in the mornings I am SOOO tired that I need the sleep. We will see
I do plan on running today again..a 4-5 miler. My long run needs to be on Sundays I think. I may go with the group in the morning on Sunday to run we will see.
Till next time!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Week 3

Oh my , its week 3 and week 2 didn't end up so well. i think I did about 16-17 miles total which is more than the week before but I didn't do my long run....shame on me! With the unpacking and the trip to Birmingham everything kind of got put on the back burner. Damn it i just wrote a whole bunch and must have hit the delete button and erased it all! oh well
This weeks goal is to increase the mileage a little and to get my long run in.
I did go and run with the local running group. They were ok but no one is trainging for anything and there is no one in my age group so that makes things more difficult. I miss my running friends back home. I have been keeping in touch with them though and I will go visit labor day weekend.
On another note..I found my GARMIN and the charger...whooo hoooo! I can now start timing myself again and record the distance! I have been missing it severly the past few weeks! well time to go I will try and write again this week.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Week 2

Its the beginning of week 2 in my trainging quest. I just finished running 5 miles and finished in an hour. I felt really good today. The first mile is always the hardest for me. My thighs always feel sooooo tired when I first start but into the third mile is when I feel my best. My knee started to ache a little in mile 4, and I started thinking to myself..oh no! Please don't twinge.....please don't twinge....but it worked itself out and didn't bother me the rest of the way. I am icing them at the moment and will take that good ole Motrin afterwards! My lovely husband put a bottle of ice cold water in the driveway for me so that in my last mile I would have a cold beverage to drink. Yum! (side note to self..had a chocolate refuel snack before heading on the run)
Tomorrow is my off day. Ian is going to help me cross train by using some weights and doing some leg exercises to strengthen the muscles I don't use so much..I am sure he will work me hard..hopefully anyway..exercise is not his strong suit.
Total for Sunday- 3miles
Monday- 5miles
Till tomorrow.......

Sunday, July 5, 2009

First Run

Here it goes! This is my first time blogging. Its all new to me. One of my friends recommended it especially since I just moved to a new state and I am training for an upcoming marathon. My husband got a job transfer and now we are in this new state, no friends yet, no furniture or belongings either. Right now I have my running to keep me occupied.
So whats my background on that...well its been on and off since high school, but I really started running hard last June. I joined a running froup in September and then from there ran some races and met new friends. In October I ran my first 5k since 1997, not sure of what my exact time was but somewhere around 26:45. Then I wanted to run a half marathon in December but an overuse injury in my right knee prevented my from accomplishing that feat. After some physcial therapy and rest I returned and ran the Gasparilla half Marathon at the end of January. It was great! It was my first time running a half and I finished with a time of 2:20. It was hard don't get me wrong, I even walked some of it, but in the end it made me want to do another one and improve my time. I then did a 10k and ran that at around 59:54 ish and came in third in my age group. One more race after that was a 5 miler and my time for that was 44:54. For that race I had a goal and I came in under it so I was happy. Whats next for me? Well it the Marine Corps Marathon in October. Officially 15 more weeks left till race day! So here begins my journey to race day!

The first week of training for me is over, and I am starting the second week. Because of my move with my family, running was put off a bit and guess what? another injury I have been overcoming in the other knee. Last week I ran Tuesday (3 miles), Wednesday(3 miles), and Friday(4 miles) for a total of 10 miles. Not good by any means, but I am starting off a little slow so that I don't rehurt the knee. Along with these miles comes hills. This is Alabama which means no flat roads anymore. So those 10 miles came along with about 6 hills each day. Not something I am used to, seeing that hills in Flroida are hard to come by. I just think, "ok I can do this, I can train different muscles, work harder at the hills and the flat roads will come easier and faster." We will see if that strategy works out!
Running alone has not been fun. I don't have my running friends here to help motivate me and I haven't been able to go to the "new" running group that meets here in Alabama one day a week. Its been lonely and I feel that only people that have the same goals as me and who like to run can understand my frustration. I can give up so easily by myself! I try not to but it is hard! Maybe this blog can help keep me accountable and trying to stay in touch with my friends back home will help. Its Sunday now and its alomst time to run for the day! Stay tuned for next time....