Monday, December 14, 2009

The road to Gasparilla...

Its here! Week one of 11 weeks of training for the Gasparilla Marathon in Feb 2010.
It was a tough decision to make. I know I wanted to run another one, but when and which one was another story. When it comes down to it, I have family and friends in Tampa so that one is the logical choice and of course it gives me a little more time to train. Not much, but a little!

So here I am in week one of training. I had to modify my schedule a little bit to accomadate for the shortened training period. This week will be a little hard, just getting back into the training part. I have been running since the MCM. I ran a 10 k with my sister on Thanksgiving and PR'd for that by over a minute and that was with hills so I am betting my time without hills would have been great for me. Then I would occasionally run 2 times or 3 times a week,about 4 miles each. So I haven't completely stopped.

This week will consist of a 3 mile, 5 mile, 5 mile, and a 10 miler. With a day of cross training at the gym. My schedule also has times to meet. That will be a challenge but it is made for a person that wants to finish in 4:15....thats an hour difference for me, but if I try my best to meet the times thats all I can do and then PR at the race. I might not get the 4:15 but it should be well under the 5:15 I had.

So again today is 3 miles at a 9:30 pace. That should be pretty easy. Thats a good one to start out with then I

JM ....I'm bbbbbbaaaaaaaacccccccckkkkkkkkk!

Return from the Dead!

Hello out there! It's December 14 th. I haven't written anything since October 17th. Wow!!!OK not really...I knew that I haven't written.
Marine Corps Marathon- Where to begin? Well it came time to run my first full marathon. I was really excited to be running it. My mom and I flew up to Washington D.C. and met up with my running group, had some lunch with them, went to the expo with them etc. It was fun! I bought myself a few things to commemorate the experience but gosh were the MCM official gear expensive! Race day finally came. I didn't get much sleep the night before. I set 2 alarms to make sure I got up and a friend of mine called to make sure we were up...alsways good to have It was cold out, and I was bundled with what I was wearing while I raced. I had gloves, hat, jacket, shorts, etc. We made our way to the metro station and then made our way to the starting line. Let me tell you, what a walk it was from the metro to the baggage drop off, to the start line. I lined myself up in the 4:30-5:00 area. I met someone there that I talked with until the start. When the gun went off, it took about 30 mins for us to move and cross the start line...thats a long time...but with 40,000 people I guess you have to figure as much.
I was hoping that I would get to see my mom along the way, but pretty much knew it was going to be impossible.
I was running great for a while. I wanted to stay at or under 10:45 min/miles....I did that until mile 15 or so. At that point something happened and I felt tired...not even so much that but drained I guess. I said to myself I am not stopping until mile 20. I kept running until I hit that mile 20 mark. It was nice..but I had to stop. I wanted to call Ian and hope that he could give me some motivation to run again. I started running again shortly after that and I swear the next 6 miles was the longest EVER! Unfortunately, I ran, walked, ran, walked the rest of the way. The last mile I ran the whole way, and it was tough. I think the longest I had run before that was 20, and and 18.
I made it!I finished my first marathon!!!! I finished in 5:14:53 I think it was.....(it gets hard to remember the seconds in these races). Afterwards I was tired, and very shakey. I needed to sit down so badely. But they shuffled you through to the medal area and then to the picture area and then to the baggage pickup which was like another mile down the road. After I got my bag, I finally met up with my mom and I sat down right there on the road. I took my sneakers off ( cause my feet hurt) and did not wear them the rest of the way back to the hotel.
All in all it was a great experience! One that I did not want to do again right away, but this week have decided to shoot for it again and this time get a PR. So my next adventure will be the Gasparilla Marathon in Tampa February 2010!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Just remembered

Oh yeah, so I just remembered that I didn't write about my almost fatal accident. Ok it wasn't almost fatal butalmost a wip out. I was running and there was a yeard sale, so I looked over and when I did I guess I didn't see a crack or whatever the hell it was in teh cement and I tripand went forward, face first. Somehow I managed to save myself and not fall. I don't know how but I did. Now my foot hurts when I walk. Not badely but bothersome.....geee whizzzzz

Last long Run

I am sitting here humming/singing a song from Phantom of the Opera. I have no idea why, but I feel GOOD!
I ran my last long run today before the Marine Corps Marathon next weekend. The weather was great for a run. It was sunny but cold, and a little bit of a wind. I headed out on my run and thought to myself, wow its pretty cold out here. (mind you I am wearing my normal attire for warm weather)...its gonna be even colder in DC. I definitly better get a throw away jacket, and some gloves! My ears were starting to hurt a little from the cold air so I am going to pick me up a head band at the expo as well.
So as I ran ,the plan was to stay under 11:00 min miles.The "running"plan calls for 10:45 min miles. Well guess what, I did it! I ran all 10 with an average of 10:33. Well below the 11:00 planned. I am happy. It felt good, I felt like I could keep going. I wasn't out of breathe at all, it was great!
One more week left, and I won't be running much this week. A few miles here and there..its rest week. I am so excited!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's going...

It's going well so far, the running I mean. What else would I be talking about? I ran 6 miles this evening. It was decent out. Not cool by any means but not sunny either where the sun is beating down. Very humid though.
My plan called for 6 miles at a 10 min pace. I had a little bit of a hard time getting into the run for some reason. Not too sure why but it had to be done. i also had a stitch inmy sidefor like the whole first mile which didn't feel so good. Pushed on through and I finished in 58:42. I am very happy with that. Thats a better time than the Shamrock race and I wasn't even racing tonight.
I definitly know that keeping that pace up would last much longer. maybe I could get another 4 at that pace but then I would fade for sure. My kneealso started hurting slightly. So I IB'd it up and its on ice as we speak.
As far as my knee goes, it hasn't hurt at all, really until today. I think I have realized that when I start trying to speed it up a little thats when I aggravate it.
ok so next is Thursday or Friday another 4 miler and then the weekend a 10 miler.
Till then....

2 weeks and counting

Less than 2 weeks left till the big day! Yay! Its taper time, but I haven't felt like I have been runningall that much where I have to taper a lot.
This week I am following the plan and follwing the times, to see if I can do it. Monday I ran 4 miles with a 9:18 pace or so. I was supossed to keep a 9:30 pace, but I was under so I am happy. Today, Wednesday, I am supossed to run 6 miles with a 10 min pace. So later this evening I will be running that.
The plan after that is a run on Thursday and then a 10 miler on Saturday. Saturdays run is 10 miles at a 10:45 pace. Thats will be the challenge, but for myself I will be attempting to stay under that pace.
Here's the thing. I have been wondering what pace I am going to try and race at. I haven't really been running the long runs with the intent of finishing at a certain time. I have just be running them to finish and I have finished almost all of them. I would have liked to get another 20 miler in but its too lat now.
I took a look at my past Garmin runs and when I went to Florida and ran with the group I ran a 3:23 for 18 miles. Here for 20 I ran a 4:10. Thats a big difference for 2 miles!! So whats the prob? Maybe since I am running alone I don't have that motivational pace like I had with the group. Maybe the hills here tire me out more. Hard to say??? Ido know that I need to figure out my pace and quick that way I have more of a definite goal.
Speaking of goals....My ultimate goal is to finish under 5 hours. Next to that anywhere under 4:45 would be great! Not sure what the outcome will be. I do know that I can't start out to fast or I will fail, but at the same time I want to give it all I got so that at the end I don't say " I could have run a little faster". I do that to myself a lot.
Anyways, I am starting my list of things to do and pack that way when the week goes by and next week comes I won't be rushing around to much.
I will try and update tonight or tomorrow after my run.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Time is Flying by

Well Folks we have just a little over 2 weeks until the big day! So exciting!!!!
I finally, after all this time, ran a 20 miler this past Saturday. I got up early (yes it was still dark, and for those that know me I rarely get up that early) and it was actually chilly out. I started my trek at 6 am. I ran on some roads I had wanted to run on but because there are no sidewalks and lots of traffic I was waiting for a time like this to run them. However to my dismay, they were BUSY for 6 am. I guess all the Alabamians looking for some sweet yard sale deals! after a couple miles I got off those roads and ran into some communities to put the mileage on and most of the way after that was either communities or sidewalks. I stopped every 6 miles, for a slight break and then kept on going. In the final stretch I called home and asked for a bottle of water and and ice bath, and for my kids to come out and cheer me on. When I turned the corner they were there cheering me on. It felt really, really satisfying to cross that 20 miles mark! I was on a high the rest of the day.
I went to the gym today and ran 5 miles at a faster pace than normal. I felt fine, then changed and went to the pool. The pool was for fun though. No working out. I had Syd with me so it was a short visit to the pool.
I have an 8 miler planned for tomorrow and then on the weekend a 13 miler. After that I have to look at me schedule.
My goals have changed a little since I first started this blog. I wanted to finish MCM in 4:30, then it changed to 4:45, now my new one is just to finish sub 5 hours. I think I can, but I will be tough. It took me 4 hours and 10 mins to run the 20 miles on sat. Granted I was alone, so I am hoping that the adrenaline will kick in on race day, the excitement will push me a little harder, etc.
I have also found out that my stomach just does not like gels! In the past when I have ran my long runs and then I write on how sick I felt afterwards, I am pretty sure its been because of the gels. I have a sensitive stomach and G2 and water are the best things for it. i was completely fine this weekend running on that alone.
So what else.....all these different little topics all rolled up into one.... I think that is all I wanted to write about today. See you all soon!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Catch Up!

I guess I have a lot to catch up on. I have been off of this for a bit now. I kind of just got into a funck and didn't really feel it. So where to begin...
Running has been going ok for the most part. My mileage is not up there but I almost feel fine about that cause it seems the more I try to run the more of a chance my knee will start hurting again. At least thats what the pattern seems to be. So I have been taking it easy focusing a little more on the long runs. For the past few weeks I have been tryingto run a 20 miler. It hasnt happened yet, maybe this week. I am running out of weeks to try. The first week I only made it to 14 ish. I was running dehydrated and felt absolutely horrible and I couldn't go any further. The second week I tried and I got to 18 and couldn't do any more ( I was running on the tredmill for that one )Running on the tredmill is so boring and hard to do really. And then this week I tried to knock out some but the weather wasn't cooperating and I hate running in thunderstorms so I had the hubby pick me up early.
The plan now for the next couple of days is try to do a 20 , if not than at least a 16. I only have 4 weeks left ( a little less now) and I start tapering in a couple although for me tapering is more like cutting down on just the mileage on the weekends.
Other than the long runs on the weekend, I have still been running everyother day or so 3-6 miles. I ran 6 miles on my birthday at the gym. I am still going to the Y to cross train, and go in the pool etc.
I have also still been trying to get together with this women that was looking for a partner but it hasn't worked out yet, still have some time to try though.
I also found out this week that 2 of my fellow running friends will not be coming to the Marathon due to injuries that have not healed yet. I am sadened by this but only wish the best for them and hope for a speedy recovery.
Some BRA shirts will be ordered soon which I am looking forward to. I might even wear it for the marathon we will see. I think that is about it for now.
I think the biggest thing going on right now is that I feel like I have slacked on the running due to lack of motivation and running partners and life in general. That in turn makes me nervous about finishing the marathon without a whole lot of trouble. I know I will finish but it may not be pretty towards the end.LOL
Alright thats it for now....maybe I will be back in a few days!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mind numbing

What is mind numbing do you ask? ........of course there is only one (ok 2 ) things that I can think of that cause this kind of reaction in a runner. The one I am talking about is the TREDMILL! Running, and running, and running on end with nothing to watch or look at except a white wall, the numbers and timers on the tredmill, the reflection off of an object. How boring! Thats was me yesterday.I ran 5 miles on the tredmill at about 9:40. The tredmill is in my garage and faces inside. It faces inside because Ian has a tv set up to play his video games or play guitar hero. There is no cable , no dvd, no vhs to watch. So I stared at the wall, I stared through the tv at the road and driveway in back of me, I did everything I could just to not look at the times and numbers. When I do....or catch a glimpse they are going sooooooooo sloooooooooowwwwww.
I ran the 5 miles and I was so glad to get off afterwards.
I am going to the gym today to maybe swim, bike, etc.
On another note I came in contact with someone that is looking for a running partner over in Mobile. I think we may get together and run this weekend. I hope she is nice and I hope I dont slow her down too much. She says she runs about 9 min miles (not sure if that is for her longs runs) and that she also just did a marathon 2 weekends ago and has a few more scheduled before the end of the year. So it sounds like she runs a lot and may be faster. We will see.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The 15th

Well I haven't had JM seek out a post from yours truly, however IH mentioned it to me. Guess its time for another one. Good ,cause I had an emotional filled night last night and need to vent!
How's the running going you ask. It's good! The weekend that just passed I tried to run my first ever 20 miler. It did not go well. It was extremely rough. My fellow runners say those are the affects of running dehydrated. Guess those beers and cokes aren't good to drink the day before a longrun like that! HAHA! I only ended up running 14 miles. I am going to try again this week for sure.
I have been hitting the gym, working on my times (a little), etc. My knee has been great! Jinx!I think we only have like 6 weeks left. Its getting down to the wire. I will run later today and try and hit the gym. I definitly need the release today.
Side note :My doc lowered my meds, but don't think that is a good idea right now. I feel like crying all the time and its only been what like 3 days of the meds! I need to go lay down...stay tune for a better

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Speed work

I haven't tried to do any speed work since I moved here to Alabama. Mainly because of yet again the knee. The doctors say not to run hills or do speed work when trying to get rid of aches and pains. However since I have been feeling better and I haven't done any I thought I would give it a go! Last night I got on the tredill and I did 4 x800's at 4:30 with a recovery lap in between. it was good. I probably could have done another 4 but don't want to push it too fast. I only have about 6 weeks or so I have to stay injury free. I also wanted to do it because i feel like i need to be a little faster to attain the goal for the MCM. In case you don't remember it is 4:30...realistically I think it will be more like 4:45 or 5:00. I really don't want the later!
Anyways..I am going to do some more working out today , get on the foam roller shortly and roll myself out LOl! I may also run a few miles today as well
I finally bought a light for running in the mornings. Thank god. I have to do 20 this week and alone at that so I need all the help I can get.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Update for a week

Wow gosh, I haven't updated in over a week. I have been super busy this week so that explains it. This past weekend I got to go to Florida. I had a blast. I got to see a lot of people I have been missing, and some people I didn't get to see. I got to run with the group on sat, and I got to go out with friends and not bring the kids.
So a few weeks ago it was a week of firsts. Well this past saturday was another day of firsts. I ran 18 miles with my group. The longest so far in my life. Before that it was 14. I finished in about 3:20 or so not exactly sure and the last 4 miles was rough and I barely wanted to keep running. I did stop for about 3/4 of a mile at different times. But all in all I am proud of myself! We have about 6 weeks or so left before the MCM and I am getting so excited about it.
I am going to go to the gym today and workout and then later run a little bit and then maybe even go in the pool.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Oh what a feeling...

I am dancing on the ceiling...not to that extreme, but I feel so good right now. I went for a run tonight and it felt so good!I haven't run since Thursday and then I had the blisters and the shoes weren't right and all that. Tonight I ran in my old shoes (cause I still don't have my new ones) and it was effortlesstonight. Granted I didn't care what my times were, I was just out there to run and have a good time doing it. I was very relaxed and at times felt like I didn't even need to breathe through my mouth which tells me something. I definilty could have went faster but I was in it tonight for the sheer pleasure of the run! Ran the 5 miles in 55 mins. Thats ok really, I could have done another 5 easily.
I am heading out for a run tomorrow evening as well and then on Saturday morning with the group. I think I may have even gotten Ian to at least run a mile tomorrow, but we will see.
I went to the pool today but didn't get to workout (lifting weights) definitly tomorrow I will try.
Thought about Four Green Fields tonight and who went and ran, who just had some drinks etc.
Have a great night everyone!

Monday, August 31, 2009


Its Monday Morning, the start of yet another week in our lives. I have patiently been waiting for my new shoes to come. They are coming via mail or ups or something. Patiently waiting did I say , ok not so much. I keep checking the front doorto see if a package has been left, but no package. I don't even know if these will fit or work since I wasn't able to try them on at the store. I am just crossing my fingers for that miracle to happen.
No running has happened since Thursday. I had a feeling that would happen. Going out of town always messes up my schedule. I tried t o get my sister to run with me, unsuccessfully I might add, because she knows the streets and all, but it was a no go!
I am very much looking forward to the run on Saturday with BRA, I hear it is an 18 miler. That will be my first ever!
My plans for the week this week are to run a little and go to the gym and lift the weights and swim. Yeah ...pretty much the same as it has been for the past few weeks. Then off to Tampa I go on Thursday!!!! Who hooooo.
The foam roller seems to be helping a bit with my ITB. Man does it hurt in some spots still but I keep on rolling. Lets see....anything else to write about......not that I can think of at the moment.

Oh yeah...I must be starting to get anxious about MCM. I keep having dreams about going and getting lost and missing the times, and wondering what day it is. Wondering if I have everything I need to run etc....I hate those kinds of dreams. Lets hope none of it happens!! Alright I am signing off now....

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Shoes for the soul!

This past weekend I purchased a brand spanking new pair of sneakers. My first since Nov 08'. Yes, I was WAY overdue. I couldn't find any of the shoes that were on my list for the type of foot I had. So I tried on a few pairs, went to like 4 stores, and finally just bought a pair of asics 2140's. I had a pair of asics back in Oct and they gave me blisters during my half marathon. Due to my knee problems, I then went to a running store and they said I need a stability shoe. Ok so they gave me Saucony Guide. I can't remember if I got blisters or not...I kind of think I did but really I am not 100 percent on that. Well I wore these new sneakers 3 times so far. They are indeed stability shoes, and now I have blisters. The blisters are on the forefoot. Urghhhh! So now I am tasked with the dilema of trying to take them back and getting a different pair or waiting it out a little longer.
The main problem I am wondering about is the shoe guides on the internet. They all say I need a cushioned shoe, not a stability shoe, because I supinate not pronate! HUmmmmmm.....I am again in the minority here when it comes to the pronators of the world. So do I take the shoe back and try to find another one or what. My gut is telling me to take it back...I mean blisters after only 3 runs.....and they weren't even that long. Thats what I am thinking..... I hope someone gives me some direction on this problem.
Ok so as I said above, I ran again tonight. It was a beautiful evening, with a cooler air temp and it had rained all day so it was very pleasant outside. I ran my first 2 miles in 18:00...whoohooo. I haven't done that in a then this leads me to my next pondering thought...could I have run to fast in my new shoes and thats why I got blisters. Well at any rate...the last 2 miles sucked cause I had to keep stopping and I was trying not to make them worse. So I got back around 43:00 minutes or so....for 4 miles.
I don't think I will run the next couple of days because I am heading up north for my moms birthday and I may drink a little too much tomorrow night! LOL....Maybe Sunday.....depends on the blisters and the shoes and the route. I have no idea about the routes in Birmingham.....
Sorry if my blog isn't caught up this weekend, but I will be sure to finish it next week.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Twenty something

Its the 26th and its the 21st blog. Alright lame I know , I couldn't think of a cool title. Update for the week so far...I went to the gym yesterday and I biked 5 miles, ran 2.5 miles, swam a few laps, and lifted weights. I then went skating with my oldest. Today I just went for a run. I ran 4 miles. I finished in 40 mins, which has been one of my better times, due to the hills.I wanted to run outside because yesterday I ran on the tredmill and it is so boring!!!! The knee ached a little but I wore my brace contraption and it seemed to help a little. Tomorrow I plan on hitting the gym again and lift more weights and bike some more.
I did some research for the marathon today and planned on staying at the Hyatt the weekend of the race. Mom is coming but I dont think hubby is going to be able to come.
I went to Hooters again for a weekly visit it seems. Had some beers and a salad, a healthy combo hahaha.....its all good. Oh my well , this blog seems to be a boring one so I think I will put it out of its misery and end on that note. LOL

Monday, August 24, 2009

Hello Monday

Hi there peeps! It's a beautiful Monday morning and I have already gotten so much accomplished. Oh yay....I DID NOT sleep at all last night. It was probably one of the worst nights in a long time. I woke up screaming because of a bad dream (about snakes) and toss and turned all night long. I took Mia to school, went shopping, came home and cleaned, played with Sydney and now I am icing the knee and taking a break.
Whats the update with the knee? All of you are probably so sick and tired of hearing about the knee. I KNOW I AM!!! Well with the help and advice from NM, I purchased a foam roller. I tried it out yesterday for the first time and wow did it hurt. I had to hold myself up and balance and roll it up and down my hip. It was a workout in itself. I just hope it starts to feel better. My knee hurts a little today I am wondering if it was from the roller. I guess I won't be running today we will see. Maybe I can get in a few miles or maybe I can go to the gym and go in the pool or take a bike ride, that way I can at least keep up with the cardio part.
I am getting sooooo frustrated!!!! This week I am supposed to run the hell will I pull it off???? What will happen if I can't run the scheduled runs and then the MCM comes???? URGHHH...ok well lets see what else happened this weekend....
I did buy a new pair of shoes. I got asics 2140's....I tried on quite a few but those felt the best. I am long over due for a pair of sneakers so I hope that these will help with the knee as well. Ok that is the update for the time to u later.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Saturday Night Run

I haven't run all week and I have been missing it terribly! I wanted to rest up my knee and start trying to build up the muscles in my quads. Its Saturday which means I could run my long run today or get up early and run in the morning. Well I got the urge to run tonight instead. The plan was for 16, unfortunately I was only able to do 10. The main reason was because of the knee and the second was because it got dark out and I couldn't see where I was going!!! There are no street lights around so all I had for the last 2 miles were the oncoming cars hoping that they were paying attention and not drifting into the sidewalk. Luckily for me they all were..though one made me a little nervous! I took some motrin and am going to get the ice shortly. I am glad that it didn't start hurting at mile 5 again. At least this time it waited a little longer. I also have to check my times but I think I may have been a little faster tonight. I felt better anyway and not as tired. When I hook up the Garmin I will let you know how it was overall. I am stating to think my goal of a sub 4:30 is not going to happen. It looks more and more like it will be a 5 er.....crying!!!!!!!! I still have hope..... I may have to drug my knee up the day before. so I will make it...heheheh...
Other than this evenings run I did go to the gym today but I was in the pool I didn't lift any weights. I swam a little. They say the pool is good for you.....we will see if all these weights and swimming in the pool helps in the long run.
See you all tomorrow!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Exercising the demons!

I have no idea why I came up with that title. Ok maybe I do, I am exercising the demons out of my leg muscles. LOL.... Haven't blogged for 2 days so I have some to catch up on. Lets see what happened yesterday....I went to the gym and for the first time dropped off Sydney at the child area. I was a little nervous about that because she is SO attached to me and never wants me to leave her side lately. But she did really well. No crying at all! Yeah!
I worked out for about an hour. I started out by using the stationary bike for 35 min, biking a total of 8.17 miles.I have no idea what a good workout should be on a bike but I was sweating so that's a good sign for me. I then walked around a little and decided to work on the leg muscles. I did all of the following exercises 15 reps, 3 sets each......
Leg adduction, abduction, leg press, calf extension, glutes, and abdominals. Then I stretched and left. This morning I hurt a little bit but I wanted more hurt! So I went back to the gym again today and repeated the same exercises. Changed a little bit of the weight and also added another exercise the hamstring curl. My legs felt like jello afterwards.
Sunday is when I am going to try my long run. 16 miles is scheduled so wish me luck.
I am bored right now. I need something to do. Its thundering and lightening out and the kids are watching tv and the hubby is yet again playing video I am not sure on what to do. We ended up going out to eat last night because I needed beer and it was good....I asked several times what Ian wanted to eat tonight and he just never answered me so I have not as of yet taken anything out to thaw. Its already 4 pm and I don't think if I take anything out now that it will thaw in time so I have a feeling we will be going out again. There goes trying to save a little.....oh well..I could use some more beer lol!
Tomorrow I may not get to post until late. We have a lot planned for the weekend..mainly cleaning things, running errands etc.
So until next time! Ta ta

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


This is a different kind of blog from me today. I wasn't sure what to write about so the only thing that came to mind was food. Food is the staple of life and I LOVE food. Its almost noon and I am hungry already. I didn't have breakfast this morning because I had to get up and out of the house early andgo to the doctors. Now I am home eating a delicious blueberry muffin, warmed up with melted butter on top!
I also bought some pizza dough yesterday which I like to buy on occasion and make dough boys. For you southerners who don't know what a "true" dough boy is, it is like a funnel cake (in a way), its fried dough but it is allowed to rise the day before and you lightly fry it in a pan so the outside is slightly crispy and the middle is soft. Then you top it with your choice of topping; butter and sugar ( my favorite), or powdered sugar or cinnamon. Its probably one of the worst foods to eat. Absolutly no nutritional value but it reminds me of the good old days at grandmas. She used to make them for breakfast when we would sleep over. They were the best. So after all that is said, I took the dough out of the fridge and I am letting it rise.
I will be making spinach and olive calzones tomorrow. There is a little garlic, little olive oil, some mozzarella cheese and black olive, bake in the oven and then eat. I needed to change things up a bit food wise this week. By the way if you don't already know I HATE COOKING! I would rather 100 percent of the time, go out to eat!
What else will I try and cook this week....BBQ ribs, pasta salad, doughboys(with more dough), tilapia, for starters. Braumhauers is on Friday or Saturday.
Bramhauers is a restaurant that we like over here that has popcorn and trivia games and lots of food and beer etc. So we are going to go there as our night out this week. Have to have at least one a week for sanity purposes!
Anyways....I am still hungry....I will have to dig into the turkey now.
So thats my blog for the day...maybe it made some hungry maybe it make some not each his own...I will have to burn some calories though for some of it :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

For real this time

Yes, I have not run. My knee was hurting yesterday just walking around. I am taking a little break so that this weekend I can still run the long run and hopefully my knee won't hurt. I am going to focus on building up my Quads more and cross training more.
Today I went to this preschool day at the skating rink. They had blow up play houses, slides and anobstacle course. Then they had organized dance time and limbo stick and all. So of course like a true mother I had to participate. I danced, and ran around after my kid. I even ran the obstacle course against her a few times..of course she won them all ! I had to help her up the slide because it was too steep for her to climb by herself. All in all I got a small workout. I plan on going to the gym later and lifting some weights and then going swimming as long as the weather holds out.
I need a run in...wanna help me JM?....I keep trying to get u to go to MCM! LOL


I haven't run! My knee hurts! enough said

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Longest Ever!

August 16,2009....I have officially run my longest Long run and run the highest number of miles in a week to date! This morning, bright and early at 5:30am, I got up and ran 14 miles. This was the longest run ever for me. The longest run I have run before this was at the Gasperilla Half which was 13.1. Total for the week was 28 miles. Before this biggest total was 26 miles.
The 14 miles didn't go so well though this morning. I hit 5.8 miles and my knee started to hurt. I was upset and bummed out and thought "oh great I have to walk home now and I don't get to finish my run." I stretched my legs, drank some water and then tried to run again. To my amazement my knee felt better and didn't hurt for the next 6 miles. Its not over yet though...mile 11 comes and there goes my knee again. This time it wasn't feeling better, in fact it was worse. I changed my gate a little bit and sunk more into my hips and the pain got better. So for the next 2 miles or so thats what I did. After those 2 miles, I couldn't run anymore without taking breaks. I was so upset, I was yelling at myself and telling myself to push through it, its only pain! Haha... that didn't really work. Run, walk, run, walk the rest of the way. I finished in a whopping 2:50:00...thats not what my goal was. My goal for today was 2:30:00 or less. If my knee had held out I am sure I would have made my goal.
Also on todays run I decided that I would not run the normal route I had been running. I decided to go in a straight line down the road for 7 miles, see where it takes me then turn around and head back. At mile 5 there was a HUGE hill....seeing that I was trying to avoid the big hills today, I turned around and made up the remaining miles going up and down side streets that didn't have any hills. The decision to go this route was for the lack of hills in it. I wanted to see how I felt going the distance and not having to run up these hills. I felt 10 times better than I have been feeling in my runs. My times were right on the 11:30 mark! great!!! Oh well to the times with the knee.
After I finished my run I called Ian and said get a cold bath ready for me. He did , with ICE too! It was cold but felt really good. I have iced my knee twice since then and dosed myself up some Motrin. I am taking it slower the next couple of days and hope that the constant icing will help my knee. If worse comes to worse I will have to stop running for a bit and hit the schedule hard upon my return or just pick up where I should be and hope all goes well!

Friday, August 14, 2009


Its Friday folks! Time for the weekend, its all good. Ran last night a short 6 miles, BUT didn't finish at the lovely 5.3 mark I felt the awful, dreaded twinge in my left knee. MFGD..whatever else I can add to that! Immediatly walked the rest and headed for home. I iced it right away and popped the motrin. Even as I type I am icing and took some meds. I will beat this. Every time I think I made it through, I've stretched , no problems, one always crops up. I will NOT let this hold me back.Its just a little pain I have to work through.
Tonight I have 4 to do then on Sunday I have 14 to do. That one will be the challange for the knee! I think I can, I think I can, I think I can, .........
Only 10 weeks or so left... I am wondering how Discom BOB ulateds runs are going though. I will have to look up her blog. If you read this , how is it going? How are the times coming along?
I do have something to look forward to tonight. We are going to hooters! It been planned for the week....we have to watch our budget and what not so we chose hooters and I am really looking forward to the BEER!
Well I will write later as to what happens.....
JM , how is this week going so far. I think its been 3, instead of one!lol

ps I think my knee is hurting from that HORRIBLE cardio kickboxing class the other day!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

3rd post for the week!

Hi there running fans! Its hump day! Whooo boo boo is better now so I worked out today. Yeah I feel SO much better now. Its really hard not working out for 3 days. I was going to go take a class this morning but I didn't get out of the house in time so I decided to go to the gym in the afternoon. I found a class at 4:45 and it was a cardio kick boxing class. It lasted 45 mins and I said to myself "great" then I can run afterwards.
Let me tall u I wondered why at that time of day there was hardly a person ready to take the SUCKED. The instructor SUCKED, everything about it really SUCKED! Get my drift. SHe had no clue what she was doing and I half wonder if she really was an instructor there because she was that BAD. I stuck it out even though I should have left and done something else then I went and ran my 4miles on the tredmill. Once again it was raining outside so I had to stay under cover.
All in all at least I got a workout in and my miles in. Tomorrow I may try and take a class in the morning and then in the evening go and run 6 miles.
TTFN friends!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Plan for the week

It is Tuesday evening and I have not run since Sat. Before you all get huffy..I have an excuse !:)Thursday I decided to get all "gussied" up and wear high heels to Mias meet the teacher night and in doing so I cut the side of my foot. Needless to say I dont wear heels often. So I went running on Sat with bandaids and mole did not help much ...I lept banging it on things or what not and it ended up getting infected. So of course I applied first aid to the wound and it feels a hell of a lot better today. In saying this the new plan is to play catch up! WED, THURS, FRI----will be 4, 6, 4, and then Sunday 14. That will be 28 for the week which puts me back on schedule.
I did go to the pool today but because of some unforseen events the pool was closed for laps, but the outside pool was not. Not long after though we closed the pool down...cause of some unforseen circumstances on our part this time (wont say what).
Ok so I am going now...just got an IM I have to respond to.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Week 8

JM this is for you!
Its the beginning of week 8 now and yes I haven't written since Wednesday. I have been busy. I had family in town since Friday and not much time to update this blog. Saturday I ran 12 miles. I actually got up at 6 am and went to this little area called downtown Daphne. its not really a downtown the way we all think of one. Its a few a post office and city hall, and 2 kiddie parks, thats about it. So I ran up and down the streets trying to make a 12 miles run out of it. I have to finda better place to do my long runs. Thats will take some time.
I borrowed an mp3 player off Ian so I actually ran with music this time and it was very nice and distracting. It worked out well. My legs hurt yesterday from the run. Next Sat is a 14 mile run and that will officially be the longest run ever....the thought of a 26 er right now is still tough. I dont know how my friends felt this weekend after their 18miler.....!
I plan on running a 4 or 5 today..though I have sunburn from the beach so I am hurting a little...I may postpone it till tomorrow.We will see......other than that nothing eventful as happened.
when will I write again...hummmmmm ........soon,promise!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

New Definition to Running in Circles

Ok all you track fans I give you the new definition of running in circles. The normal track is 1/4 mile around...hence 4 times equals a mile.....24 times equals 6 miles. Right?, Right!!!! Today is Wednesday....I ran 4 miles on the treadmill on Monday due to our fine weather here in Alabama! Today was the same thing only this time I had to get in 6 miles, according to my chart. Ok fine I can't run outside and I REALLY don't want to run 6 on a treadmill..yuck thats right they have a track at the gym going around the top, inside the building. GREAT! I can run a flat, fast 6 miles. HERE IT COMES..........................READY.................................... 102 laps around equals 6 miles!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!! According to their sign , 1 mile equals 17 laps, therefore 102 equals 6 miles. So I ran 6 miles in a small continuous circle. Whew! I am so glad I am done and I finnished under an hour.
The downfall other than running in circles 102 times is..after so many you start saying to yourself, did I say that number already? am I on that number lap? on no I lost count, I will just addd another one on just to be safe. In the end I know I did at least 104, but I am guessing more like 110. I pray to the rain gods to please, please rain in the morning so I can run on the road at night,please and thank you!
Tomorrow is another planned 4 mile run and then 12 miles on Saturday. Till then....

Monday, August 3, 2009

Back from a long weekend away

It is Monday, August 3, 2009. We got back last night from a long weekend away in North Carolina. We visited friends and family and had a good time. I went running once while was there. They don't have sidewalks there either!!! Whats up with that???? We dont have sidewalks or street crossing lights here either. I ran in my best friends neighborhood..I ran 4 miles. I did not get to run my long run but I am going to steep it up this week and still stay on the plan week.

At least it rained already tooday. I am thinking of running at the gym tonight though because I would like to get in a class or some weights and possibly run on the treadmill then go for a nice cooling, relaxing swim afterwards. Sounds so nice! I had so much to do today that the day has gone by so quickly..which is good because usually my days drag on and I take an afternoon nap...not today! :)

This weeks plan is 26 miles total and 12 for the long run. The time is getting closer. I have been checking into plane tickets and I still need to look into the hotel. So Bethy if you read this don't forget to ask D!!!

I also need to go get another ipod or mp3 player. I need that on my long run. it helps take my mind off the miles and entertain mea little. I had one. It was about a year old and I used it one time when I got to Alabama..then guess what..apparently I sweated a little too much and short circuited it! LOL ! Damn..guess I have to get a waterproof one I do have to look for a new one.
Will update soon..I promise......JM!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Which week are we in???

Good Morning! I think we are in the start of week 5?? I could be wrong, but I don't have my calender in front of me to verify. Well lets see... I did my long run yesterday. I ran 10 miles in the blazing hot sun and got a sunburn. Which actually hurts a little bit. Yes I did get up too late again and ran when I shouldn't have..but I still got up and ran!
So last week was a 22 mile week, its up to 24 this week. I am getting there slowly, but before you know it the marathon will be right on my heels.
I was thinking yesterday when i was running about how I hope I will be ready by then for this race. 26.2 Miles is a LONG run! I need to stay below 14 min miles for 20 miles so I don't get picked up by the stragler bus,as they say. I hope by then 20 miles will not be such a long difficult feat. Getback to me in a few weeks when I am up to 14-15 miles for my long run...hahaha
The family has decided to go to North Carolina this week. I am looking forward to visitng some friends and family but I hope I still keep up the running...I have to...but I do plan on running today and tuesday to get a couple days out of the way. I will have to do my long run on Sat cause Sun we are heading home from there.
I dont have much else to say...I know so boring ....will write more later..TTFN

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Hi it is I again! Today is Wednesday and I just ran 2 miles. Yesterday was my day off for the week and today I wasn't feeling it but I have to say my husband did push me a little to go and it was good to get out and do it. I only ran 2 miles because I have to make sure that my total mileage forthe week doesn't go over 22. I have 2 more days before the long run of 10 so I need to watch it. I like to run a min of 3 miles at a time but the area is more condusive for a still have some kinks to work out.
I finally printed out a new and updated mileage schedule! Who hoooo! Ok well Imust head out. See u soon!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

First Long Run Day

Oh my gosh! Thats all I can say right now. I woke up early this morning (and by early I mean 7:30) to go for my first long run in a bout 2 1/2 months. I told myself last night that in order for me to succeed in my first marathon I DO need to get my long runs in. No matter how much I don't want to get up in the morning...I have to, I have to, I have to. So I did...It took me some time to actually wake. I was starving...I proceeded to have me some cereal, just a little to curb the hunger and I had a cup of coffee to try and wake myself. It really didn't work. I got dressed, put on my fancy new water belt that I bought yesterday and out the door I went.
Like i have said before that first mile is always the worst. Today the first 2 felt horrible. I was so tired , my legs seemed to be sleeping still. I concentrated on just getting in the eight miles I had planned. I wasn't running for a time. I am supossed to be at a 10:30 mile for a long run but I wasn't there today. I was between 10:30 and 11:30. When I hit that 3-5 mile mark I was closer to 10:30 and by the time 6-9 came around I was back to the 11-11:15 ish mark. That is fine for me. I have to allow myself some flexibility but at the same time keep in mind that in order to finish that marathon in the time hoping that I do need to try and pick it up a little. I have to take in to account as well the hills. I keep forgetting that I have hills the whole entire way..up and down..whichslows my time down a bit. After all this has been said and done..I ran 9 miles this morning!
GO ME! I finished with a time of 1:41:14. I did take some water breaks so add a couple minutes into that but I still did ok.
I wouls also like to mention as a side note that I miss my BRA friends..I know I keep saying it but today I was also reminded about one of them BOB as we like to call her! My plan for the MCM is to try an keep up with her. She is about the same pace as me but doesn't have all the knee problems like me and has already ran 2 marathons before. She is no stranger to the grueling 26.2 miles! SOthinking about BOB helps to me to accomplish these long runs ...I don't want to let her or myself down! :)
My totals now for week 3 is 20 miles!!! (11 short runs and 1-9 mile long run)
Heres to the start of week 4!!!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Still in week 3

I wanted to write andupdate my blog. This week I ran on Tues and Wed. Tues sucked because by the time I got out it was like 9:30 at night. So I decided to run around the neighborhood to stay close to home. I brought a flashlight with meand the total distance in a circle around the neighborhood is exactly one mile. As I ran up the first hill I noticed a man of course kept an eye on him. As I kept running he was still there walking back and forth, I said hi to acknowledge he was there but recieved nothing back. By the third time around the flashlight had died and the street lights were turning off. I decided to cut the run because it was very dark and 2 because I am running alone in the dark. I need to getmyself some mace just in case! Maybe I will feel a little safer. So needless to say I wanted to run 4 miles and I only got in 2.8 miles.
Wednesday I went for a run. It was sprinkling out but no thunder or lightening so I left the house and ran. By the time I got 1 mile and a half into it I see lightning! Urgh!!!! I don't like to be out in that. So I ran to the nearest building which was in a park type place and waited for like 15 mins. It finally started to stop and I started my run again. I finished my 4 miles pluse some to make up for the day before. So a total of 7 or so miles for the 2 days.
I really hate the fact that it is hot out. I would love to go run when Ian gets home from work but its too damn hot! So i have to wait which usually means storms, then the darkness hits. Thenext thing we are working on is getting and a/c unit for the garage so I can run ont he treadill and that is an anytime thing, which is a plus. The other thing that I may start to do is runn in the morning before ian goes to work. I watched the sun rise this morning and it was light out at about 5:45 so if I were to get up and go run then I would have about 45mins to get in a run. But can I get myself up that early. I am NOT a MORNING person! I barely sleep at night as it is so usually in the mornings I am SOOO tired that I need the sleep. We will see
I do plan on running today again..a 4-5 miler. My long run needs to be on Sundays I think. I may go with the group in the morning on Sunday to run we will see.
Till next time!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Week 3

Oh my , its week 3 and week 2 didn't end up so well. i think I did about 16-17 miles total which is more than the week before but I didn't do my long run....shame on me! With the unpacking and the trip to Birmingham everything kind of got put on the back burner. Damn it i just wrote a whole bunch and must have hit the delete button and erased it all! oh well
This weeks goal is to increase the mileage a little and to get my long run in.
I did go and run with the local running group. They were ok but no one is trainging for anything and there is no one in my age group so that makes things more difficult. I miss my running friends back home. I have been keeping in touch with them though and I will go visit labor day weekend.
On another note..I found my GARMIN and the charger...whooo hoooo! I can now start timing myself again and record the distance! I have been missing it severly the past few weeks! well time to go I will try and write again this week.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Week 2

Its the beginning of week 2 in my trainging quest. I just finished running 5 miles and finished in an hour. I felt really good today. The first mile is always the hardest for me. My thighs always feel sooooo tired when I first start but into the third mile is when I feel my best. My knee started to ache a little in mile 4, and I started thinking to myself..oh no! Please don't twinge.....please don't twinge....but it worked itself out and didn't bother me the rest of the way. I am icing them at the moment and will take that good ole Motrin afterwards! My lovely husband put a bottle of ice cold water in the driveway for me so that in my last mile I would have a cold beverage to drink. Yum! (side note to self..had a chocolate refuel snack before heading on the run)
Tomorrow is my off day. Ian is going to help me cross train by using some weights and doing some leg exercises to strengthen the muscles I don't use so much..I am sure he will work me hard..hopefully anyway..exercise is not his strong suit.
Total for Sunday- 3miles
Monday- 5miles
Till tomorrow.......

Sunday, July 5, 2009

First Run

Here it goes! This is my first time blogging. Its all new to me. One of my friends recommended it especially since I just moved to a new state and I am training for an upcoming marathon. My husband got a job transfer and now we are in this new state, no friends yet, no furniture or belongings either. Right now I have my running to keep me occupied.
So whats my background on that...well its been on and off since high school, but I really started running hard last June. I joined a running froup in September and then from there ran some races and met new friends. In October I ran my first 5k since 1997, not sure of what my exact time was but somewhere around 26:45. Then I wanted to run a half marathon in December but an overuse injury in my right knee prevented my from accomplishing that feat. After some physcial therapy and rest I returned and ran the Gasparilla half Marathon at the end of January. It was great! It was my first time running a half and I finished with a time of 2:20. It was hard don't get me wrong, I even walked some of it, but in the end it made me want to do another one and improve my time. I then did a 10k and ran that at around 59:54 ish and came in third in my age group. One more race after that was a 5 miler and my time for that was 44:54. For that race I had a goal and I came in under it so I was happy. Whats next for me? Well it the Marine Corps Marathon in October. Officially 15 more weeks left till race day! So here begins my journey to race day!

The first week of training for me is over, and I am starting the second week. Because of my move with my family, running was put off a bit and guess what? another injury I have been overcoming in the other knee. Last week I ran Tuesday (3 miles), Wednesday(3 miles), and Friday(4 miles) for a total of 10 miles. Not good by any means, but I am starting off a little slow so that I don't rehurt the knee. Along with these miles comes hills. This is Alabama which means no flat roads anymore. So those 10 miles came along with about 6 hills each day. Not something I am used to, seeing that hills in Flroida are hard to come by. I just think, "ok I can do this, I can train different muscles, work harder at the hills and the flat roads will come easier and faster." We will see if that strategy works out!
Running alone has not been fun. I don't have my running friends here to help motivate me and I haven't been able to go to the "new" running group that meets here in Alabama one day a week. Its been lonely and I feel that only people that have the same goals as me and who like to run can understand my frustration. I can give up so easily by myself! I try not to but it is hard! Maybe this blog can help keep me accountable and trying to stay in touch with my friends back home will help. Its Sunday now and its alomst time to run for the day! Stay tuned for next time....